Welcome to It's Your Show: A database of RoTL discussion topics.

This blog began as an effort to catalog favorite moments and discussions from Roderick on the Line so that we could more easily play them back to ourselves and to our friends. Please disregard any editorializing in the notes; this is a holdover from this project's less-ambitious early stages. We realized that other fans may be interested in having access as well and that some may be willing to help us exhaustively catalog the nearly 200 episodes. We hope you find the notes useful and that you will add to them.

As you may have noticed, this is a wiki page. Editing should be open to registered and non-registered users, as should the forum. Please post and edit to your heart's content. We hope others will add new show notes and build on those that already exist where they see fit. However, we ask that when editing you please refrain from removing existing content from episode notes, provided it is relevant to the given episode. Do feel free to fix any of our grammatical errors and improve the flow of the notes, and we will try to do the same for you.

We are new to coding and new to wiki-administration and will happily consider recommendations for improvements to the site.